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Welcome to Bella Vista Key Club's first and only website. :)

Here you will obtain any necessary information about Key Club volunteering and the knowledge of how you can use your time to participate more in our own Bella Vista Key Club.

Our Club is doing great! We have so much fun at all the events, don't forget to go to the meeting at Lunch every Friday in B14.

Club Day was a great turn out! About 250 signed up and I hope that most will stay with us and have fun while helping our community.

We can make the difference in the world, so come to our weekly meeting held in B14 or across the hall in the Small GYM during lunch. Sign up for events and get in as much community service hours as you want, the more the hours you put in the more you can see the importance of giving back to your community! Also colleges love to see community service so a lot of hours will make you look great on applications.

Meetings are during lunch in B14 every Friday.

Thank You and I hope to see you all very soon,

Sincerely BV KEY Club VP Austen Alsey


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We are trying to raise $100 for the Pediatric Trauma Program. If that seems like a lot, I just want you to know that you will be helping doctors get the training needed to save the lives of many infants and children of the ages from 1 to 14 years old because they do not have the proper training to take care of. It's a great cause, so please come out and help us save the lives of many babies and children from 1 to 14 years old around California, Nevada, and Hawaii. :)